I think I Love Berlin- Part 2

The first night in Berlin, my husband, Mikel, and I were invited out to dinner.  Our hosts were a wonderful couple. She is an American expat and he is originally from Berlin, but lived in the U.S. for many years.  The dinner was in a restored Bauhaus building that is now a private club called Soho House. The other guests were lively, warm, accomplished, and interesting. And we immediately found that we had many things in common. The food was delicious and the spirited conversation was fueled by a common love of people, travel, adventure.  I felt included there, in a way that I have not felt sometimes in my own backyard.

The next evening, we attended a party held in a beautifully raw, but intimate space called Fortuna’s Table.  The chef/owner, Suzy Fracassa, is an American expat from Detroit and the guest were a wonderful mixture of Americans and Germans. It was a wonderful way to connect with people who are passionate about their lives and their work with an international point of view.

 Photos: Soho House, Amy Dietrich for Coventry Drive, Fortuna’s Table.

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