I Think I Love Berlin-Part 3

Shopping at the KaDeWe
I got to do a little shopping (my favorite thing to do) in Germany’s largest department store called the KaDeWe.

Oh, look! There’s Santa.  I’m digging his color scheme and fancy coat.

I fell in love with these glass birds for the Christmas tree. I have memories of my grandparents having birds on the tree every year. So I had to get some for myself and for gifts.

And then… I cannot resist a stationery department! I bought this blue journal with grid pages. And I love these pencils with the dark rhinestones on the ends. I do enjoy nice pencils.

 All Photos by Amy Dietrich for Coventry Drive.

2 thoughts on “I Think I Love Berlin-Part 3

  1. Great that you've been able to make the trip to Germany! I smiled about the stationery store. In France, my favorite type of store was the papeterie, which had wonderful pads of gridded paper and lots of other goodies. Well, the boulangerie (bakery) was great too. . .

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