Great Big Farm Table

I blame this all on Le Pain Quotidien. Those gorgeous great big Belgian tables are haunting me.  I have dreamed of having one of those very tables for years.

(Photo via yelp)

I guess others have a similar dream because there are versions available in lots of places now. I love that there is nothing precious about them. It’s a comfortable table where life can happen and you don’t worry about it.

So now that I don’t live in a NYC apartment, I want a table to seat at least 10 people. This is a crazy dream after living in a studio apartment for so many years. I want people to gather together in my house! Sit, eat, drink, talk, play!   I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to farm tables. These are just a few beautiful tables in wonderful settings.

(Photos via desde my vantana, remodelista, houzzcoco + kelley)

Here are few tables that are in the spirit of those at Le Pain Quotidien from some of the big retailers.

This Trestle Tablet is from Restoration Hardware and is made from salvaged wood. It comes in sizes from 72″ up to 240″ !

This is the Distillery Dining Table from the Sundance Catalog.

Hamilton Reclaimed Wood Extendable Dining Table from Pottery Barn.

Willams Sonoma has a Reclaimed Wood Pine Table.

Now, actually buying one…….Maybe soon. I’ll keep you posted.

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