Vintage Furniture Shopping

Factory 20 and a Michigan connection

I saw a decal on a great big pick up truck in metro Detroit the other day that I think said Factory 20. I liked the name and wondered what it was. And then I moved on.  Just today, I was checking out the always stunning  Remodelista and they mentioned Factory 20 as a resource for a fabulous chair that I was dying over. It turns out that the vintage chair was made in 1938 for the Ironrite Ironer in Detroit. Factory 20 has one for sale.

I couldn’t resist checking out the Factory 20 site. Uh oh.  Way too much amazing furniture to absorb. I had to narrow it down to one category.  Here are a few of the tables I’ve been coveting.

I happen to be on a table kick right now. I think I must have looked at every table on the site. There are loads of things to look at! Have fun!

All photos from Factory 20.

One thought on “Vintage Furniture Shopping

  1. Ooh, lovely tables! I have an Ironrite iron, but not the chair. . . I wonder if my mom originally had the chair but threw it out. Really glad to have the iron, in any case. I took it from her to iron the linen tablecloths she gave me, but of course now I use it mostly for fabric yardage.

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