The need for green

Every year at this time, I crave some color. This year it’s green. Oh, I just love green anyway. It’s one of those colors that just makes me happy. But this year, Pantone deemed Emerald Green as the color of 2013.


I don’t need an excuse to like green, but I love seeing more shades of green everywhere. And maybe…… it’s an excuse for me to justify some the things I want that happen to be green.

Usually, I want a cardigan sweater in some fabulous color to help me get through the gray January/February weather. This year I really want this shirt from J. Crew. And while it’s not emerald, it’s a pretty green! I see it with skinny jeans or skinny black pants and loads and loads of jewelry (of course). And then, not needing any more reinforcement of wanting this shirt, I saw an episode of Million Dollar Decorators (I love that show!) where Mary McDonald was wearing a green shirt with a massive necklace.  Thank you very much.

33768_GR5575Another green object that I love is the Le Creuset French Oven.  My dishes are all white and my glassware is clear. A beautiful piece of green cookware is exactly what I need want.


There is always always room for a green accessory. How about the color of the year for my iPhone 5? How convenient that Pantone offers one in Emerald Green!!


Now, I need to start dreaming about the perfect pair of green shoes or.. an actual emerald.

Photos:, J.Crew, Le Creuset, Pantone.

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