patchwork bracelets

I bought the book, “Quilt Love: Simple Quilts to Stitch and Treasure,” by Cassandra Ellis a little while ago. I love the book. It gave me a nice boost of fresh inspiration.


Cassandra’s quilts are cheerful and meaningful. There is a really nice assortment of projects in this book.

There are instructions for making a friendship bracelet by hand in the book with these pretty photos below:

IMG_5318 I needed to make SOMETHING—and fast! I decided to give the hand sewn bracelets a try.  I used my Mom’s stash of fabrics that she uses for making church banners. Making the bracelets was easy and fun. ( I always think better when I’m doing some hand sewing or knitting. Do you?)

photoI’ve worn these nonstop since making them. Unfortunately, the fabric doesn’t hold up well and the metallic thread is unpredictable. So I took another approach.

I did a variation on Cassandra Ellis‘s idea and made longer bracelets that I can wrap around and around my wrist. And of course, there’s always room for more bracelets on MY arm!

First I made a green bracelet with solids and one print.  Then I made another bracelet using 3 different blue Liberty print scraps. Of course, these bracelets work well with other bracelets too!

2013-02-12And then…. I HAD to make bracelets from left over scraps from a strip I had done for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild which is being assembled into a quilt.  We used some gorgeous modern Spoonflower prints. You can check out my strip here. These are the bracelets from those scraps below.


Check out as well for more about Cassandra Ellis along with some gorgeous photos of her work.

Thank you Cassandra Ellis, for your inspiration!

Photos 1,2, 3 are from the book, ” Quilt Love: Simple Quilts to Stitch and Treasure” by Cassandra Ellis

Photos 4,5,6, & 7 are by Amy Dietrich for coventrydrive.

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