beautifully designed and blue

I do not usually gravitate to the color blue.
But lately, I am liking some lovely things that also happen to be blue.
beautifully designed and blue

garage sale

I’ve heard about finding treasures garage sales, but I’d never experienced anything major. Until…..last week!

I had just dropped off the kids at their schools and had my vente iced nonfat latte in hand. I was driving home when I spotted them sitting out on the driveway of a garage sale. I screeched to a stop and parked. I tried not to sprint over there. My designer’s heart was pounding. Could they be real? Even if they’re not, I’m interested.

There they were: 3 yellow chairs. Chrome bases. Dirty. Fine. I tipped one of them over.

HERMAN MILLER! Be still my heart.

(no way, are you kidding me?) I’LL TAKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_2219There they are: my Eames chairs in a gorgeous yellow. Welcome home chairs!

I bought these chairs from a woman who had received them as a wedding gift in 1954. I told her I would love the chairs and remember her story. She was happy. So am I.

The next day I received the DWR catalog. And here are the current Eames chairs in all of their mid modern glory.


My QuiltCon Recap


QuiltCon is over. I am back home and back in my routine.  I learned so much that my head is still spinning. Seeing friends was priceless. I loved my workshop with Rachel Hobson, was inspired by Amy Butler, David Butler, Heather Ross, Yoshiko Jinzenji, Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle, Angela Walters, Kat McTee, Denyse Schmidt, and was thrilled by the exhibition quilts.  I also got to participate in the APQ 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.

I did manage to buy a little fabric and the registration bag was filled with all kinds of great things too. My suitcase definately weighed more coming home.

Beautiful inspiring quilts:

Recently+Updated35(Quilts 1,2,3 Denyse Schimdt, 4 Yoshiko Jinzenji, 5 Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild, 6 Jacquie Gering , 7 Janet McWorkman, 8 Nicole Neblett, 9 Nancy Scott)

wonderful inspiring people:

Recently+Updated38(Amy Butler, Yoshiko Jinzenji, David Butler, Rachel Hobson, Angela Walters, Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross)

All photos by Amy Dietrich for Coventry Drive

The need for green

Every year at this time, I crave some color. This year it’s green. Oh, I just love green anyway. It’s one of those colors that just makes me happy. But this year, Pantone deemed Emerald Green as the color of 2013.


I don’t need an excuse to like green, but I love seeing more shades of green everywhere. And maybe…… it’s an excuse for me to justify some the things I want that happen to be green.

Usually, I want a cardigan sweater in some fabulous color to help me get through the gray January/February weather. This year I really want this shirt from J. Crew. And while it’s not emerald, it’s a pretty green! I see it with skinny jeans or skinny black pants and loads and loads of jewelry (of course). And then, not needing any more reinforcement of wanting this shirt, I saw an episode of Million Dollar Decorators (I love that show!) where Mary McDonald was wearing a green shirt with a massive necklace.  Thank you very much.

33768_GR5575Another green object that I love is the Le Creuset French Oven.  My dishes are all white and my glassware is clear. A beautiful piece of green cookware is exactly what I need want.


There is always always room for a green accessory. How about the color of the year for my iPhone 5? How convenient that Pantone offers one in Emerald Green!!


Now, I need to start dreaming about the perfect pair of green shoes or.. an actual emerald.

Photos:, J.Crew, Le Creuset, Pantone.

Kick up your heels!!!

It’s time to ditch the black tights and boots. My heart yearns for cute flats in happy colors! I found a few bright flats that could perk up my wardrobe as I wait for spring to truly arrive.

Anthroplogie, Dolce Vita at Bloomingdale’s, Kate Spade, J.Crew,  DVF, Tod’s at Saks Fifth Avenue.

And then… I found these. They are NOT flats. But they are gorgeous. And yellow. And…who needs a reason?  I love them. (and they come in emerald green and cobalt blue too.)

Kate Spade

Photo Escapism

There are times when I need to visually escape.  It might be for inspsiration or to get away from the winter grayness or to just recharge. I hope that you can be transported for a moment via these photos.

photos: 1 & 2 Fairy Tales By Nature, 3 OscarPRGirl, 4 Little Brown Pen, 5 From Greenwich,Whorange  7 Poe Ma Bat Soilik, 7  Modern Day Quilts, 8 TrendTablet

Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week 1

I’ll admit it. I miss being in New York sometimes.  That doesn’t mean I would change anything about where I am right now.  It just means that I miss New York City and my friends there ( you know who you are) . Oh, and I miss being a designer. New York Fashion Week gets me every time.

So… I thought I’d share some of my favorite things from the week so far.

1. COLOR  I really can’t resist it.  Color just makes me happy.  The color combinations were inspiring.

1. M.Patmos  2. Nanette Lepore  3.  Tracy Reese  4. Diane Von Furstenberg  5. Narciso Rodriguez

2. PRINT   I am so excited about the prints I’ve seen.

1.Honor  2.  Tracy Reese  3.  Preen  4.  Costello Tagliapietra 5.  Suno

Photos: New York Magazine.  Thanks for your coverage. It’s almost as good as being there.