Some things that inspire me right now.


photo by YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO


photo by Art Night Austin


photo by Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

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beautifully designed and blue

I do not usually gravitate to the color blue.
But lately, I am liking some lovely things that also happen to be blue.
beautifully designed and blue

Inspiration: Dries Van Noten

I smiled and smiled and smiled while I was looking at the Spring 2014 RTW show from Dries Van Noten.  I got that feeling that stirs me when I’m looking at something inspiring and humbling at the same time.  Such Beauty.

The collection is soulful, powerful, and feminine.  There is adornment and restraint. It takes my breath away.

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The collection mixes influences, cultures and craft.

Recently Updated41And shows some gold brilliance.


And I want to look just like this.

a_4x-vertical-6All photos: NY Magazine

phillip lim for target

On September 15th my reminder alarm went off.  I got on line because the Phillip Lim for Target merchandise was going to be available that day. And I wanted at least one of the bags. It was about 9:30 am. All of the ones I wanted were already unavailable!

I checked Racked to see how it was going in New York. Sold out within minutes! Check out the article here.

Well, I live in Michigan, not NYC anymore so I rushed over to my local Target. Here’s what I saw:

2013-09-15There were plenty of the bags. (No yellow ones, however.  I don’t think that store got any to begin with.) I spotted one woman wearing fabulous glasses with 3 bags in her shopping cart.  Otherwise, I was the only one in the department.  That’s when I went a little Target-price-nuts!

IMG_2262-1When I was paying, the cashier asked me if these were nice bags because the last customer had bought 6 of them! That made me feel better. Ok, so I went a little overboard, but I haven’t bought a bag for myself in ages.  And these are definitely way less expensive. See how I’m rationalizing?

I’ve already used the big tote and the little bag. They are very smart looking don’t you think?

The medium size in taupe makes me feel very Grace Kelly. Sigh.

(All photos by Amy Dietrich for Coventry Drive)

garage sale

I’ve heard about finding treasures garage sales, but I’d never experienced anything major. Until…..last week!

I had just dropped off the kids at their schools and had my vente iced nonfat latte in hand. I was driving home when I spotted them sitting out on the driveway of a garage sale. I screeched to a stop and parked. I tried not to sprint over there. My designer’s heart was pounding. Could they be real? Even if they’re not, I’m interested.

There they were: 3 yellow chairs. Chrome bases. Dirty. Fine. I tipped one of them over.

HERMAN MILLER! Be still my heart.

(no way, are you kidding me?) I’LL TAKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_2219There they are: my Eames chairs in a gorgeous yellow. Welcome home chairs!

I bought these chairs from a woman who had received them as a wedding gift in 1954. I told her I would love the chairs and remember her story. She was happy. So am I.

The next day I received the DWR catalog. And here are the current Eames chairs in all of their mid modern glory.


fall shopping list

Ahh, fall clothes. My favorite! Moto boots, cashmere, leather… sign me up!
I know, not much color on my list right now. Usually there’s one color that I’ve got to have, or else! But this fall, I want cozy neutrals, tough accessories, and simple shapes.
1. Equipment Cardigan, 2. MIssoni Scarf, 3. J. Crew Floral Tee, 4. Eileen Fisher Dress, 5. FEED Bag, 6. DKNY Pencil skirt, 7. Rag & Bone Boots, 8. Greta Garbo iPad case